Making a start…


It’s been a funny old week already! I’ve been settling in to making this a regular everyday thing, rather than the evenings and weekends I used to do for craft markets last year. I’ve got a little

workstation which you will have seen if you follow me on twitter, and I’ve applied for a stall at the Midsummer Market on the 7th July at The NIchols Building, so things are c

oming along nicely!

It’s always daunting taking on a new task like this, especially when you have such a prefect vision of what you want it to become like I do. But you’ll definitely never get there if you never even try, so I’m aiming toward

 that image in my head and working hard.

This week I’ve been covering notebooks in fancy fabric, which I think look pretty good and I’m usually hyper critical of my own work so hopefully everyone else will think the same! I’ve also been making the little owls which feature in the picture at the top… some are a bit wonky but I’m learning to appreciate that handmade doesn’t mean perfect!

Till the next time!



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