Review: Gee and Tea necklace

Happy Tuesday!

I’ve decided to throw in a new feature, as the random babbling posts were getting irritating already! I need some direction in my blog! So here we go, this new feature is going to be me buying and reviewing (basically just talking about) something from an independent retailer and showing it off for everyone to see!


Today it is the turn of my lovely Gee and Tea necklace, which I bought from the Forge Sheffield craft fair in Sheffield on Sunday, which was in partnership with Hallam Roses WI and Roundabout, a charity which supports homeless young people.

I loved this necklace on first viewing round the fair, but left it and carried on round. Eventually I decided I needed it, and went back round to the Gee and Tea stall to buy it! I love fancy necklaces and have quite a few, I used to practically live in my cameo necklace and changed the chain about 5 times because it kept breaking and getting disgusting. This one is along the same lines as a cameo, but has a black and white 1930s style pattern in the cabochon on the front, which is surrounded by a fancy gold setting.


A lot of my tops are plain so it will go with a lot of things, which is always important! I also love the length, I have a lot of long necklaces, but I was fancying something a bit shorter just to change it up. I couldn’t see the length of the necklace when I bought it as it was all fastened up, but when I tried it on I was very pleasantly surprised as it sits quite high up.



Gee and Tea have a website which I have linked, but they don’t have too much on it at the moment, they also have a twitter @geeandtea where they do the usual twitter thing; post photos and updates and the like! So go and check them out!


Lots of love, sig


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