Moo Minicard Review


Sorry for the lack of blog posts, I’ve been getting ready for my first craft market in a while tomorrow. Today’s blog is a review of my moo minicards which I am really happy with!


First of all, Moos website is super easy to use; you can use their designs or upload your own, which is what I did. You can also have 100 different fronts if you want, to act as a sort of catalogue or portfolio of work, but I just went with my logo.

The cards were estimated to arrive on the 3rd July, (I ordered them on the 27th June), but they arrived on my doormat on the 1st July which seemed really quick.

They come in a little box, as seen in the picture below. I love the packaging, it’s really fun and cute.


You get 100 cards, and inside there’s a little divider for your business cards, other people’s you may collect along the way, and then one for an emergency (basically when you run out).


The cards are really thick, and although they are half the size of regular business cards they are perfect for me and my business as I don’t need to put too many details on, and I can also use them as tags on my products.

collage minicard

These are my cards! I’m really pleased with them! I’m thinking of buying the sticker book from moo to use when wrapping items up.

I hope that was useful for some of you!




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