What I learned from my first (official) craft market experience

Wow, long title!

But it sums up this post pretty well, this is what I learned from my first official market experience. I say official because I did a market at Christmas at the local primary school before I decided I wanted to make this into a business. It turned out to be a bit of a fluke in that I sold loads of stuff and made quite a bit of money. Maybe that’s how all Christmas markets work, but it’s definitely not the case with them all!

I’ve been building up a collection of items to sell for quite a while, trying to make a lot of a few things rather than getting distracted by new shiny projects and only having 10 of 20 different products! I finally got around to booking a craft market a few weeks ago; I wanted to start small so that I’d know what to expect without being overwhelmed by the experience.

I’m really glad I decided to do it that way; I learned so much, and made mistakes which I can rectify before I move on to bigger markets. These are a few of the things I found out, I hope they help some of you!

First of all, a paste table is not suitable for piling lots of heavy crafts on! I completely overlooked the fact that I would need a table; so our old paste table had to make do as a last minute stand-in and while it did the job, it bowed in the middle and it didn’t look very professional. The next market I’m doing is supplying tables, but I’ll definitely invest in a plastic table for next time!


Secondly, levels! Although I did stack up some items, and use some alternative display ideas, it wasn’t enough. After some thorough pinterest-ing and google imaging (technical!) I’ve found some good ideas using washing lines and boxes, and I’m going to have a run through next week to see if it all works.


Finally, packaging. I never even considered packaging, thinking my products alone were enough. But I realised as I wandered around that I was drawn to the items with pretty packaging; not only did they look more professional, they just looked better. So this time, now I’ve got all my stock, I’m focusing on displays and packaging.




Hopefully I’ll feel more confident in my business and my stock at the next fair with all these adjustments. I’ll definitely let you know!


Take care,




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