Review: ‘Buttons For Eyes’ coin purse


Hello again,

This is probably my favourite type of blog post, I get to buy pretty things with the excuse that I’m reviewing them for my blog! I need to think of a better title/summary actually, because I don’t like saying that I’m ‘reviewing’ things; I’m just highlighting products by small, independent businesses that I liked.

This month it’s the turn of this coin purse by “Buttons For Eyes”. I found it while browsing around Bird’s Yard in Sheffield, which if you aren’t aware, is an amazing treasure trove full of handmade lovelies made by independent retailers.




This purse was one of many things I wanted, but I decided this was the most practical (how boring!) and would get used more than anything else I saw and fancied.

The thing that drew me to it was the bright colours; yellow and pink are not a colour combiniation I would usually advocate but I think it looks really lovely and summery here! The quilting is really well done and not too thick, which I think can sometimes happen with quilted items. At under £4 I thought it was lovely and a bargain, so I snapped it up!

Buttons For Eyes have a website with lots of handmade goodies for sale; this coin purse isn’t on there but they have loads of other lovely things!

I’ve got my eye on a few things for next month, so we’ll have to see which wins out! Or maybe I’ll just buy them all, it is supporting independent retailers!

Thanks for reading!



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