DIY Stamp Mirror with Pink Flamingo Handcrafting



I was very kindly given some stamps from around the world by the lovely Laura at Pink Flamingo Handcrafting, with the condition that I used them for a craft project and posted pictures.

So here it is!

mirror 3mirror2

Like an absolute buffoon I forgot to take a picture before I started, as I got a little carried away and just started slapping some paint on. This mirror was originally this Malma one from Ikea and was just a black wooden frame surrounding the little square mirror; it cost £1.50.

I painted it a nice mint colour as I felt it was light enough that it would allow the stamps to stand out without being overly boring. After about three coats of paint, I started to glue on the stamps. For this I used standard school-style PVA glue which was enough to hold the stamps in place.

I then completely coated the stamps and frame in PVA glue to give it a nice shiny finish and so the stamps were held properly in place. I had left my mirror to dry in the blazing sunshine, but British summertime reared it’s ugly head and started to chuck it down, so my glue got a little bit soggy and created some bubbles and marks. They are pretty difficult to see, and I still am super proud of my stamp mirror!

Pink Flamingo Handcrafting sells packets of stamps on Etsy here so you could attempt your own stamp mirror, or equally awesome craft.

See you soon!



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