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DIY: Embroidery Hoop Wall Hanging

I’m here today with a super simple tutorial, it’s so simple I’m a little worried that I’m insulting people’s intelligence by explaining how to do it… but these embroidery hoop wall hangings are so cute, that I had to share the pretty.

I found these pictures on one of my daily (who am I kidding, hourly) Pinterest browses, and they inspired me to have a go at my own seeing as they looked really easy.



Itty bitty birdy home sweet home embroidery hoop wall art


So, on with the tutorial! (I apologise for the quality of the images, they got gradually better as I changed the light and settings around…)

You will need:

  • An embroidery hoop
  • Fabric (must fit the hoop)
  • Scissors
  • Cotton
  • Needle


Split your embroidery hoop and trap your fabric in between the two sides. Tighten the screw on top and pull the fabric so it is tight in the hoop.


Cut the excess fabric so you have roughly an inch all the way around.




Start a running stitch on the excess fabric and pull the thread as you go, so that it gathers.




Continue your running stitch all the way around pulling the thread as you go. When you get all the way around tie and cut the thread. I then cut off any extra fabric.




And you are done! Turn it over and admire your work! You can do them as big or as little as your hoops and fabric allow, and get as creative as your imagination lets you.





I hope you enjoyed this little DIY, and your intelligence wasn’t too insulted.

‘Til the next time!

sig laura



My Upcycled Dressing Table Project


It’s been a while! I sort of got sidetracked redoing my bedroom… I did love my bedroom but it was quite pink and anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not in the slightest bit a pink person.

It started off with me wanting a desk/dressing table in my room, so I rearranged everything (mainly bookcases) so that I could fit one in. Then the hunt began; I found lots that I liked, but none of them were quite right, they were either too big, too low down, too boring. Near were I live there is a shopping centre (Crystal Peaks for any fellow Sheffielders) and they have a British Heart Foundation second hand furniture shop. I kept going in to see if anything caught my eye, and one table did but it was £60 and I felt that was quite steep for a table I was planning on completely redoing. Tight, maybe (especially as it was a charity shop) but Kirstie Allsopp was doing it for free and I was adamant I would pay less. Fast forward a couple of weeks and the table was on for half price… how could I say no! So after a rather tight squeeze getting it in the back of my Clio, it was home and ready to be upcycled (I kind of hate that term, but it works…)




This is the table in it’s original state… rather fancy! I then sanded it down and painted it cream.



After three of four coats of cream I painted it mint green.



That only took two coats as it was going over a light base.

Here is the finished article…









table lighter


I’m really pleased with it! I kept the drawer knobs as they are really pretty, they’re like little bronze flowers. I just need a chair now!

Thanks for reading!


sig laura

How to do a Gibson Tuck


Wow, I’m on a roll blog wise! Today I’m showing you how I wear the hair bows I sell in my Etsy shop. I’m always looking for new ways to do my hair, I get so bored so easily with it that I have to have different styles to stop me doing something drastic! My favourite at the minute is this Gibson Tuck with a hair bow over the top.



I feel it’s a very classic hairstyle and would be perfect for a wedding. It looks quite complicated but it’s so quick and easy to do it’s great for everyday and those days where you can’t be bothered to fight against your hair.

I learned how to do it from this video by Lilith Moon, who makes it super easy to follow.

Hair bows like the one in my hair are available at my Etsy shop here.


sig laura


Liebster Award

After my recent trip to London, I was catching up on my favourite blogs and saw this post about the Liebster Award on Laura’s lovely blog A Girl Called Boz. It was really great to get to know more about the people behind these businesses, and about them as people rather than just talented crafters.


Anyway, the nature of the Liebster award is that after you are nominated, you nominate 5-11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers to receive the award and answer a new set of questions, and Laura chose me as one of her nominees! So here we go…

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Strangely, this was the exact question I was given to answer in front of a group of people at a group interview on Tuesday! I think I changed my mind a lot (nothing changes…) but I specifically remember wanting to be a vet, teacher and author. I think I wanted to be an author most, as my idol growing up was Jacqueline Wilson!

What colour do you think best represents you?
This is really difficult because I have such a changing mood and personality! Probably blue, because it can represent so many moods; it can be mellow, easy going, cold, sad, bubbly, or bright depending on the shade which I think is very me.


Tell us about a hobby that you might not normally mention on your blog?
I really, really love to read. I have two full bookcases in my bedroom, and we have another three jam packed full bookcases around the house. I can read a book in a day and a half if it catches my imagination. The last book I read was Silver Lining’s Playbook by Matthew Quick, I really enjoyed it…it’s much better than the film!

A selection of secondhand paperback books for sale

What is your favourite part of you?
I would say my determination to succeed (some call it stubborness). I hate failure, and cannot take it at all so it makes my need to succeed really, really strong. I needed 3 Bs in my A-Levels to get on my chosen degree, but was told I wouldn’t get there… I got 2 A’s and a B just to prove them wrong! I suppose it can also be my least favourite part of me, as it can mean I get obsessive over insignificant details.

Tea or coffee?
Definitely tea. I keep trying to make myself like coffee, but the furthest I’ve got with it is a vanilla latte…

What’s your earliest memory?
The memory I think is my earliest is at Christmas; Top of the Pops is on, I’m playing with a toy that made noises when you pressed the buttons (I think it was something to do with Smarties?) and my dog running around! It’s a bit vague and I’m not even certain it really happened.

What are you scared of?
Seeing a ghost. I used to love Most Haunted, but it seriously freaked me out and if I ever saw a ghost I think I’d faint. I think it’s because of the uncertainty of them, like are they really there? What does that mean for after you die?

What’s you’re view like right now?
I’m sat on my bed looking at my very messy bedroom! I’m having a reshuffle so I can fit a desk/table in so it’s in a bit of a state at the minute as you can see from the picture.


Who do you admire/Who inspires you?
There’s a film called A Little Bit of Heaven with Kate Hudson in it, and in that she meets God and it’s Whoopi Goldberg, and the idea is you would see whoever you most admire as God. I’m pretty sure mine would be either Dolly Parton or Oprah, as I love and admire them both. They are amazing women who fought to become the very best at what they did. They made their own future, and I want that for myself.

What’s your current obsession?
Doctor Who. Although it’s been going on since 2005, so it’s not really that current. I can debate the topic for hours on end, and have done on many occasions! My doctor is definitely Matt Smith, and my least favourite is David Tennant which is a very unpopular opinion! I am quite excited to see Capaldi though, I think he’ll be more like Christopher Eccleston which makes me excited for whatever is going to turn him darker in the 50th anniversary.

Ok, so I’m pretty sure most of my nominees will have done this before, but their blogs are still really good and deserve a shout out! I’m also not sure if they’ve got under 200 followers, so I don’t think I’m doing this properly…

Ruth at

Claire at

Verity at

Claire at

Becky at

Laura at

And my questions are:

If you could live in any era, which would you choose?
Where is the best place you’ve ever been?
Where did your creativity come from?
Who would play you in a movie of your life?
Sweet or savoury?
What is your favourite animal?
Do you have a motto? What is it?
If you could go to one concert/gig, past or present, what would you see?
Do you collect anything?
Which film can you quote word for word?

There you go! I hope that was interesting in some way!

Lots of love,

sig laura

Why I took part in #twittersilence

Imagine you are at school, college, university, at work or anywhere with a structured authority system. Imagine there was something you wanted to change, really felt strongly about. It could be that you felt bullying was being overlooked, or your teacher wasn’t teaching properly, or your manager kept sneaking off in the middle of the day. So everyday you went to the head teacher, dean, whoever is top dog and complained. This is not fair. It needs to stop and it needs to stop now. But everyday you’d be laughed at, people would walk in and shout over you, or ridicule you. Your voice was getting louder, but so was everyone else’s. So you stop and take stock. How else can I shout louder? How can I make the people in charge pay attention to me, little old me who may make little difference in the wider scheme of things, but someone who feels very strongly and wants change now.

So rather than shouting louder and louder, and being shouted at back, you decide not to shout at all. You take your services away, you stop going to school, college, university, your job. Now, on your own you’ll achieve nothing, you’re grades will suffer, you won’t get paid, you might even get sacked. But if enough people stood behind you, and stopped going, think of what could happen. Bosses, head teachers, deans, would soon take note; they’d have to because their business or organisation is suffering. So they say, ok then, lets talk, you tell me what you want doing and we’ll do it,if only you’ll come back.

This is the aim of #twittersilence, we are gone for 24 hours; the bullies/trolls have not driven us away or shut us up, we will be back as loud as ever. But if enough of us stand together, and don’t use the twitter platform for one day, maybe the heads of twitter will be more inclined to ask what we want, and what would bring us back. We want report tweet buttons, and easier means to report people. We want people to have to use their real name and picture, and for twitter names with abusive or derogatory remarks to be banned. We want twitter to be a safe and fun place for everyone. Maybe it’s a pipe dream, maybe it’ll never happen, but all protests start without knowing what will be achieved.

Shouting back has not been working, just for 24 hours, lets try another way to be heard. It’s not about being silenced, it’s about using your voice and your power in other ways in order to achieve change.

DIY Stamp Mirror with Pink Flamingo Handcrafting



I was very kindly given some stamps from around the world by the lovely Laura at Pink Flamingo Handcrafting, with the condition that I used them for a craft project and posted pictures.

So here it is!

mirror 3mirror2

Like an absolute buffoon I forgot to take a picture before I started, as I got a little carried away and just started slapping some paint on. This mirror was originally this Malma one from Ikea and was just a black wooden frame surrounding the little square mirror; it cost £1.50.

I painted it a nice mint colour as I felt it was light enough that it would allow the stamps to stand out without being overly boring. After about three coats of paint, I started to glue on the stamps. For this I used standard school-style PVA glue which was enough to hold the stamps in place.

I then completely coated the stamps and frame in PVA glue to give it a nice shiny finish and so the stamps were held properly in place. I had left my mirror to dry in the blazing sunshine, but British summertime reared it’s ugly head and started to chuck it down, so my glue got a little bit soggy and created some bubbles and marks. They are pretty difficult to see, and I still am super proud of my stamp mirror!

Pink Flamingo Handcrafting sells packets of stamps on Etsy here so you could attempt your own stamp mirror, or equally awesome craft.

See you soon!


Review: ‘Buttons For Eyes’ coin purse


Hello again,

This is probably my favourite type of blog post, I get to buy pretty things with the excuse that I’m reviewing them for my blog! I need to think of a better title/summary actually, because I don’t like saying that I’m ‘reviewing’ things; I’m just highlighting products by small, independent businesses that I liked.

This month it’s the turn of this coin purse by “Buttons For Eyes”. I found it while browsing around Bird’s Yard in Sheffield, which if you aren’t aware, is an amazing treasure trove full of handmade lovelies made by independent retailers.




This purse was one of many things I wanted, but I decided this was the most practical (how boring!) and would get used more than anything else I saw and fancied.

The thing that drew me to it was the bright colours; yellow and pink are not a colour combiniation I would usually advocate but I think it looks really lovely and summery here! The quilting is really well done and not too thick, which I think can sometimes happen with quilted items. At under £4 I thought it was lovely and a bargain, so I snapped it up!

Buttons For Eyes have a website with lots of handmade goodies for sale; this coin purse isn’t on there but they have loads of other lovely things!

I’ve got my eye on a few things for next month, so we’ll have to see which wins out! Or maybe I’ll just buy them all, it is supporting independent retailers!

Thanks for reading!