Lessons Learned – My Second Craft Market Experience



So yesterday was my second craft market, and I put into practice all the things I felt were wrong and lacking before. I was much more confident this time, and felt really proud of my little stall! I’m sure over time I’ll still be chopping and changing aspects of it, but I think it’s in a really good place for now!

DSCN1117 DSCN1118 DSCN1119 DSCN1120


(Excuse my mum in the pictures…she thought’s I’d finished taking them!)  As you can see I’ve incorporated more levels and display features; I still think it looks very ‘make-do’ but I like that as it reflects the handmade items I sell and the idea behind buying handmade.

I hope everyone had a good weekend!




What I learned from my first (official) craft market experience

Wow, long title!

But it sums up this post pretty well, this is what I learned from my first official market experience. I say official because I did a market at Christmas at the local primary school before I decided I wanted to make this into a business. It turned out to be a bit of a fluke in that I sold loads of stuff and made quite a bit of money. Maybe that’s how all Christmas markets work, but it’s definitely not the case with them all!

I’ve been building up a collection of items to sell for quite a while, trying to make a lot of a few things rather than getting distracted by new shiny projects and only having 10 of 20 different products! I finally got around to booking a craft market a few weeks ago; I wanted to start small so that I’d know what to expect without being overwhelmed by the experience.

I’m really glad I decided to do it that way; I learned so much, and made mistakes which I can rectify before I move on to bigger markets. These are a few of the things I found out, I hope they help some of you!

First of all, a paste table is not suitable for piling lots of heavy crafts on! I completely overlooked the fact that I would need a table; so our old paste table had to make do as a last minute stand-in and while it did the job, it bowed in the middle and it didn’t look very professional. The next market I’m doing is supplying tables, but I’ll definitely invest in a plastic table for next time!


Secondly, levels! Although I did stack up some items, and use some alternative display ideas, it wasn’t enough. After some thorough pinterest-ing and google imaging (technical!) I’ve found some good ideas using washing lines and boxes, and I’m going to have a run through next week to see if it all works.


Finally, packaging. I never even considered packaging, thinking my products alone were enough. But I realised as I wandered around that I was drawn to the items with pretty packaging; not only did they look more professional, they just looked better. So this time, now I’ve got all my stock, I’m focusing on displays and packaging.




Hopefully I’ll feel more confident in my business and my stock at the next fair with all these adjustments. I’ll definitely let you know!


Take care,



Moo Minicard Review


Sorry for the lack of blog posts, I’ve been getting ready for my first craft market in a while tomorrow. Today’s blog is a review of my moo minicards which I am really happy with!


First of all, Moos website is super easy to use; you can use their designs or upload your own, which is what I did. You can also have 100 different fronts if you want, to act as a sort of catalogue or portfolio of work, but I just went with my logo.

The cards were estimated to arrive on the 3rd July, (I ordered them on the 27th June), but they arrived on my doormat on the 1st July which seemed really quick.

They come in a little box, as seen in the picture below. I love the packaging, it’s really fun and cute.


You get 100 cards, and inside there’s a little divider for your business cards, other people’s you may collect along the way, and then one for an emergency (basically when you run out).


The cards are really thick, and although they are half the size of regular business cards they are perfect for me and my business as I don’t need to put too many details on, and I can also use them as tags on my products.

collage minicard

These are my cards! I’m really pleased with them! I’m thinking of buying the sticker book from moo to use when wrapping items up.

I hope that was useful for some of you!



Charity Shop Haul



Next Sunday (the 7th), I am doing a craft fair at The Nichols Building in Shalesmoor, Sheffield. While I have got lots of lovely things to sell, I couldn’t decide how to set them out on the stall, so after much Pinterest searching I decided to get some vintage plates to make a cakestand type thing (technical).

I went to the Stroke Association shop in Sheffield City Centre which is just next to the John Lewis car park for people who know Sheffield. It’s a pretty big shop and has a huge variety of items for sale, and in the back corner it has loads of plates, tea sets, candle holders and general bric-a-brac, which was exactly what I was looking for!

I picked up three plates, two glasses, and a baskets and it cost me £7.97 which I think is pretty good as they should last me a while, breakages aside! The first plate is a little side plate and cost £1.25. It is very floral, and I love the little bumblebee in the middle! This will be the top plate on my cake stand.

plate right way up

The next plate matches my bedcover pretty well! This one was £1.99 and it has a few imperfections, but that adds to the charm, I think.


This plate is kind of like a tray/ bowl/ plate. It has weird handle things and is quite deep, so I’m planning to put that on its own and not make it part of the cake stand.


These two glasses are probably for some type of alcohol, but little ol’ innocent me has no idea which type! (Maybe because I drink everything from mugs…) I’m planning on using them for the inbetween bits as they are quite tall and thin. They cost 99p for the pair.


This basket is probably a fruit bowl, I’m sure we had an identical one once…. It cost £1.75 and I’ll deck it out with some fancy lining and it’ll be good for holding something, I’m sure!


I’ll put a new post on when I’ve stuck them all together so you can see how the finished cake stand looks! Hopefully it’ll be ok to serve it’s purpose!

Talk to you soon!


Review: Gee and Tea necklace

Happy Tuesday!

I’ve decided to throw in a new feature, as the random babbling posts were getting irritating already! I need some direction in my blog! So here we go, this new feature is going to be me buying and reviewing (basically just talking about) something from an independent retailer and showing it off for everyone to see!


Today it is the turn of my lovely Gee and Tea necklace, which I bought from the Forge Sheffield craft fair in Sheffield on Sunday, which was in partnership with Hallam Roses WI and Roundabout, a charity which supports homeless young people.

I loved this necklace on first viewing round the fair, but left it and carried on round. Eventually I decided I needed it, and went back round to the Gee and Tea stall to buy it! I love fancy necklaces and have quite a few, I used to practically live in my cameo necklace and changed the chain about 5 times because it kept breaking and getting disgusting. This one is along the same lines as a cameo, but has a black and white 1930s style pattern in the cabochon on the front, which is surrounded by a fancy gold setting.


A lot of my tops are plain so it will go with a lot of things, which is always important! I also love the length, I have a lot of long necklaces, but I was fancying something a bit shorter just to change it up. I couldn’t see the length of the necklace when I bought it as it was all fastened up, but when I tried it on I was very pleasantly surprised as it sits quite high up.



Gee and Tea have a website which I have linked, but they don’t have too much on it at the moment, they also have a twitter @geeandtea where they do the usual twitter thing; post photos and updates and the like! So go and check them out!


Lots of love, sig

Inspiration for the day!

Good morning everyone!

This is my thought for the day, I found it on pinterest on a “thinspiration” blog, and while I have no desire to use it to inspire me for that purpose, I liked the idea behind it so redesigned it a bit!

quote white
This is very much my mindset at the moment. The only way I can control my path in life is to create the path myself and follow it as well as I can, but allow for deviations along the way. I hope this inspires some of you as well!

Lots of love,Image