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DIY: Embroidery Hoop Wall Hanging

I’m here today with a super simple tutorial, it’s so simple I’m a little worried that I’m insulting people’s intelligence by explaining how to do it… but these embroidery hoop wall hangings are so cute, that I had to share the pretty.

I found these pictures on one of my daily (who am I kidding, hourly) Pinterest browses, and they inspired me to have a go at my own seeing as they looked really easy.



Itty bitty birdy home sweet home embroidery hoop wall art


So, on with the tutorial! (I apologise for the quality of the images, they got gradually better as I changed the light and settings around…)

You will need:

  • An embroidery hoop
  • Fabric (must fit the hoop)
  • Scissors
  • Cotton
  • Needle


Split your embroidery hoop and trap your fabric in between the two sides. Tighten the screw on top and pull the fabric so it is tight in the hoop.


Cut the excess fabric so you have roughly an inch all the way around.




Start a running stitch on the excess fabric and pull the thread as you go, so that it gathers.




Continue your running stitch all the way around pulling the thread as you go. When you get all the way around tie and cut the thread. I then cut off any extra fabric.




And you are done! Turn it over and admire your work! You can do them as big or as little as your hoops and fabric allow, and get as creative as your imagination lets you.





I hope you enjoyed this little DIY, and your intelligence wasn’t too insulted.

‘Til the next time!

sig laura